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We’ve kept the process, as simple as possible – so you can focus your energy on marketing our clients and reaping the rewards.


We offer a simplistic, yet powerful, interface for you to manage and track your efforts. Once you’ve signed up and your account has been approved you will have access to the Affiliate Interface – here you can easily choose marketing material to advertise one, or both, of our clients. Tracking provided will be unique to your account.




A pixel is placed on the Thank You pages of our clients’ sites. Once a potential customer has completed the Application Form, they will be re-directed to the Thank You page – where the pixel will be fired and then linked to your unique tracking.


This action completes the conversion process and the associated lead is shown on your affiliate account. You will be able to see reporting on dates, no. of leads, commission, etc. in your affiliate account.


At the end of each month commissions are finalised, and you will be paid on or before the 15th of the following month.


As mentioned the interface is simplistic, but we are confident you will find all you need here to market our clients successfully while keeping track of all the information you require.