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Profit Partner guarantees:


– Not to sell, give away, or otherwise communicate your personal or corporate information to any other persons or companies.


– To use your personal data to provide you with information or materials only if you requested it.
We provide all our customers with the opportunity to remove your information from our database, at your request.
Profit Partner does not endorse spam.



We do not allow hits from spamming or listing on newsgroups, or any other fraudulent method. In the event any of the above conditions exist, we will invalidate all current traffic and terminate your account without notice.


The Profit Partner tracking system will be the sole method for determining the payments and will be binding on both parties. We will provide you with a password and login name for monitoring. Profit Partner will pay you a commission for clients who click on our banner at your website.


Commission payable:
R75 for every lead; a lead is defined as someone who is looking to borrow money against an asset, only the following will be recognised as an asset; a paid-up vehicle (car, boat, motorcycle or truck), jewellery,  artwork, antiques, valuable timepieces and collectible coins . The value of the asset must be a minimum of R10 000 in order to qualify, also the owner of the asset must be located within Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, Durban or the surrounds of these cities. Should any information not be correct during the verification process, the lead will be deleted and not qualify for commission payments. Proof of ownership, where relevant,  will be required in order to qualify the lead. The affiliate will be issued with a list of clients that qualify on a monthly basis.




  • Affiliates will not be allowed to generate leads using the Google AdWord system. Affiliates found to compete against the clients in this area will not qualify for commission payments.


  • In the event that we detect any sort of mechanism that falsely generates hits to the website, we will invalidate all previous traffic and we will prosecute the person responsible to the fullest extent of the law. Even if you have not knowingly generated such traffic we reserve the right to withhold referral fees with respect to such traffic.


  • We will send payment by the 15th of each month. No transfer for less than R200 will be issued (unless you request that we close your account) so the amount will be carried over to the next payment period. All payments and amounts mentioned in this Agreement are in South African Rands.


  • We reserve the right not to pay commission in cases where bogus leads have been sent.


  • We may terminate any account for any reason with full payment.


  • We may modify any of the terms contained in this Agreement at any time by posting them on our website.